Need good maintenance for electric wire rope hoists?For example, with hoists for passenger transport or material hoists such as Tirak. Then you have to be able to count on expert knowledge. De Groot Groep has such knowledge. Whether it concerns hoists in façade lift systems, wind turbines, or new construction hoists. We will come to you and arrange service and maintenance. You will have it taken care of with just one phone call.

More information for Reconditioning:
Call +31 71 75 17 400

Specialized resources

Certified service partner

Our service technicians are trained and certified annually in accordance with the NEN1808 standard. This way, we always have the most up-to-date knowledge. And we stay on top of technical innovation. You directly benefit from that as a client. For example, we are certified service partners of Tractel Group®, Powerclimber®, and DualLift®.

Urgent repair service

Are you dealing with a malfunction? De Groot Groep has its own urgent repair service. Contact our scheduling staff directly. We will do our best to have a service technician with you within four hours. This allows the malfunction to be solved efficiently on-site.

Why have Reconditioning management handled by De Groot Groep?

De Groot Groep has the expert knowledge that you need for your sector or field of expertise. Thanks to our close cooperation with manufacturers, you can count on our having the most up-to-date knowledge. We are also there for you in case of emergencies.

Comprehensive service package

Whether it concerns the annual maintenance or the mandatory General Overhaul. We can do it all for you. Easily take care of everything in one go. Of course, partial orders are also easily taken care of.

Manufacturer's certificates

We find quality extremely important. That is why we are a certified service partner of leading hoist manufacturers. This includes Tractel Group®, Powerclimber®, and DualLift. Our employees are trained by these manufacturers.

Urgent repair service: fast and efficient

Our urgent repair service is there for you when you need it. Also during the weekend. This way, we can solve any hoist malfunctions quickly and efficiently. And you are assured of as little downtime as possible.