Inspection & certification

A safe workplace in accordance with the latest NEN and EKH standards.
You can count on that when you call on De Groot Groep’s expertise. Our certified inspectors inspect and certify hoisting and lifting equipment, climbing equipment, power tools, and fire extinguishers. We would be happy to be your advisor. We provide solutions and optimise work processes. That way, you can start working more efficiently right away.

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Specialized resources

Hoisting and lifting equipment

We are specialised in inspecting hoisting and lifting equipment. Our workshops and service vans are equipped with calibrated universal testers and certified testing equipment. We carry out the inspections in accordance with the most recent work regulations. These are outlined in the guidelines of the trade association EKH and in the Dutch Working Conditions Legislation.

Climbing equipment

Our EKH inspectors are given comprehensive training. We inspect all PPM brands. We also inspect harness belts, lines, anchor points, rolling scaffolds, ladders, stairs, and tripods. We are also a certified partner of Honeywell and Tractel, among others. We provide certifications for fall blocks, fall arrest devices, and devices for descending and evacuation.

Electrical work equipment

Is it time for the annual inspection of your electrical work equipment, according to the NEN 3140? Our EKH inspectors would be happy to carry out these mandatory inspections for you. With our fully-equipped service vans, we can carry out the inspection and repairs on-site. This way, your employees can continue their work for your client.

Fire extinguishers

You can come to us for inspections, service, and maintenance work on fire extinguishers. We work together with a specialised partner in REOB (translation: Provision for the Recognition of Small Extinguishing Material Maintenance Companies). De Groot Groep remains your point of contact. We take care of the scheduling and communication around the inspections.

Why have inspections and certifications done by De Groot Groep?

De Groot Groep has an extensive portfolio when it comes to inspections and certifications. Hoisting and lifting equipment, climbing equipment, power tools, and fire extinguishers. We offer these services for a wide range of industries. Our qualified inspectors carry out the inspections in accordance with the latest standards and EKH guidelines.

On-site inspections

Thanks to our service vans, we can come to you. Your employees can keep working while we inspect and certify. Our vans are equipped with a mobile universal tester, workbench, inspection equipment, spare parts, and all the necessary tools.

When it suits you

We do the planning and take your schedule into account. So your employees can continue with their work. This way, you can save lots of time. All while retaining full control over the safety of your tools.

Broad knowledge of standards and guidelines

Our EKH inspectors are given comprehensive training. We can take care of many types of inspections and certifications for you. We work in accordance with the most recent NEN standards (such as NEN 3140) and the guidelines of the Recognized Lift- and Hauling equipment (EKH).

Various inspections at the same time

You can have various kinds of inspections conducted by us at once. This way, you will not only have the certifications for your hoisting and lifting equipment, but your electrical equipment as well. We will them simultaneously. This way, the inspections take up as little time as possible.