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Lift manufacturers want to be sure that the lifts are installed in a proper and timely manner.
We take care of all the logistics in an efficient and timely manner. We can also take care of all auxiliary matters. From placing the lifting beam to building the lift. From the load testing to inspecting and assisting with certification.

More information for Lift manufacturers:
Call +31 71 75 17 400

Our added value to lift manufacturers

We work for the major lift manufacturers in the Netherlands. They choose us because we are a one-stop shop. They can take care of all relevant tasks with a single party. Our strength lies in our operational planning. We work both precisely and flexibly.

Specialised in lifts

We take over all activities which are not part of your core tasks. Nice and efficient.

Careful planning

Our careful planning is how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We take over the entire process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

A simple way to save time

By outsourcing everything to us, you save money. You will only have to consult or sign contracts with one party.

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De Groot Groep's software can be linked to most systems.